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I married two years ago

I married two years ago and have been trying really hard to get pregnant. In May, I was lucky to get pregnant. My husband and I were really happy, it was supposed to be born in Jan 29, 2021. We began to talk about how to take care of the baby, its clothes, toys, foods, strollers, beds. I never felt so happier in my life before, the baby gave me much job and hope prior to its birth. Things began to turn upside down on July 6, I found some blood and panicked, I stood in the bathroom for 15 minutes, telling myself this was not real. Then I realized I needed to save my baby. We went to the hospital, and were told the baby was fine (although I was bleeding). Things became worse next day, but I still kept praying. God has sent the baby to me and he wouldn't take it away from me for just one month. On July 9, I felt the pain and I knew the baby was gone. The OB doctor confirmed my fear. I miscarried. I have been crying these days, and still refuse the baby was gone. I keep thinking about the baby, and hope the baby will be back to us someday.

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