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Hello, My husband and I were trying for five years

Hello, My husband and I were trying for five years to get pregnant when we found out the day after Mother’s Day this year I was pregnant. We were so excited and happy that we started planning right away but not buying anything yet. I had started my baby registry and had started drawing out the layout of the nursery. We even were 100% convinced we were having a baby girl. Her name was chosen: Serephina Tlalli and her room was going to be light pink and grey with foxes. But one morning I started bleeding very lightly which I had read could be common for some spotting. So I just kept track of it and didn’t tell my husband. My 9 year old stepson was playing at the neighbors house when I started bleeding more and I had to go to the ER. I told the neighbor and my husband and rushed there. To find out I had a threatened miscarriage since it was still early in my pregnancy they couldn’t see anything on the ultrasound. After my husband and I left the hospital and got home is when it happened. I went to the bathroom and just like that my baby was gone. I went back to the hospital two days later to confirm. I haven’t processed or grieved properly and now I think it’s time to. My heart hurts. Even yesterday at the grocery store I saw a little girl in a stroller and she smiled, waived and said hello to me. I smiled and waved and said hi back and started tearing up after I walked past. It hurts to know how far along I’d be right now if she was still here.

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