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I found out I was pregnant October 6, 2019.

I found out I was pregnant October 6, 2019. Me and my boyfriend was so excited and ready. October 30th I had an appointment to hear the babies heart for the first time but they couldn’t hear it. They told me to come back in a week to see if he/she developed a heart beat. November 6th came and I was so nervous to even go to the hospital. I felt like I wasn’t even pregnant no more all my symptoms just vanish I knew it was going to be bad. I went in the room and still there was no heart beat :( . They send me to the labor and delivery where they give me three options either to wait it out, do a d and c or take medicine and have it forced out . I choose the medicine . That night my boyfriend put the pills in me and I basically went through labor . The amount of blood was unbearable. Then I seen this sac on the toilet and I new it was my baby :(. I still think about it all the time . I cried so much over this loss and still catch a tear just thinking about how I lost my first child. I just want to get pregnant again immediately but now I got to wait for a period . The anticipation is killing me .

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