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I fell in love with this guy ive known for over a year.

I fell in love with this guy ive known for over a year. We wasnt together but things felt serious and real. May 4, 2020 i found out that i was 2 weeks pregnant. I was excited and scared to see what was his response going to be. I just felt like the timing was all wrong. Ive been depressed about things going on with us that i didnt know how to handle the news nor tell him. When i told him the news he cried instantly but i still didn’t understand the feeling . May 10, 2020 @2AM i started to get these sharp pains and i was bleeding. While in the shower watching all of that blood and tissue was scary. All i could do was cryyyy so hard. I went to the ER for them to confirm that i had a miscarriage for only the guy to not answer my call nor text. On Mothers day I receive news that im no longer carrying. That messed it for me. I honestly think deep and dark. Mothers Day will never be the same.

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