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I am 25 , this was my 3 pregnancy

I am 25 , this was my 3 pregnancy the first one was in 2015 and I decided with my partner it was not the right time to have a baby we had only been together for a year and I was still very young. Later I tried conceiving for a while with no success until finally in 2018 I started bleeding heavily around 2 weeks after my period . I was so scared and deep inside I knew what was going on. when I arrived to the ER they told me I was pregnant and I was possible having a miscarriage. knew then there was nothing to be done . I was very heart broken cause by now I was ready to have a baby and some how felt like i was being punished for ending my previous pregnancy. I later realized that these are things that happen and it wasn't my fault or anyone's also that there was nothing to be done to prevent it. recently I was happily expecting a baby boy Due early Dec when at 12 week ultrasound they found that the baby had a Mega bladder which is caused by an obstruction in the bladder the term LUTO is usually used for it . I was so heart broken cause my baby's heart beat was so strong and I had seen him move. I did so much research on the subject , all night all day trying to find hope . went to the best specialist but there was very little hope , the baby's bladder was so large .....i knew it was time to let go. at 13 weeks I went to my obgyn for one last ultrasound for my final decision and there was no longer a heart beat . This was the hardest thing ! I had to have a pregnancy termination at 13 weeks luckily I was recommended to a very good DR in FL. I still have hope and I pray every night that after my recovery I can try again and have a healthy pregnancy . I pray that all those who have been thru something similar or have suffered any kind of lost that soon they also can have a healthy pregnancy and baby .

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