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my name is ... im 73

my name is ... im 73 recently i have been remembering many things... brought me back to 1973 when i had very bad pain in my lower abdomen i was taken to the hospital I forgot i was bleeding but thought i was having a bad period sat the hospital they took me down along hallway and asked if i was pregnant i said no then my memory stopped i think that i spent the nigh in the hospital no one told me what was wrong. so Jesus revealed to me in my old age that i had twins a boy. and girl i was not ready to believe so i went to the Bible Jesus was still with me I asked their names the boy was Asa a name i never heard before which i didn' know The girl was Mary I asked to add Ann then Jesus asked me to Baptize them he explained to me that it is very important that babies have names and be Baptized them right away I lit a candle got some Holy Water Spiritually holding them i prayed the Baptismal prayers for them individually .their father had already passes away by this time I was very Blessed to have 7 Wonderful Children and 18 grandchildren it comforts me to know they are in Heaven.  my grown children wouldn't listen to me mom forget it is in the past let it go I can t i feel so much love for them and know they are watching over me sorry about all the typing mistakes

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