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All this just happened some hours ago.

All this just happened some hours ago. I was 12 weeks pregnant. I'm sure it was a girl, because I have already two boys and 2 girls and this one feels like a girl definitely. It was going to be named Genevieve Esther, the middle name is my grandmother's name. In out first ultrasound at 8 weeks everything was good, we have a 3d picture of the little one. In our delayed honeymoon trip, one night I bleed, not a lot. Never happened in my other pregnancies, but I didn't feel the need to go to the doctor. That night I wake up with the signs of what it felt like a UTI. So I get cranberry pills. When we get back home I made an appointment to check for an UTI. I left a urine sample and they told me after that there's no infection. After that every time I wipped myself out after pee, I see a little brown bad smelling spots in my discharge. So I thought that something was wrong but I didn't worry about it. In my 8 week ultrasound they didn't show us a heartbeat, that didn't Happened in my previous pregnancies. So now I'm suspecting that there wasn't one. Tonight I woke up feeling that I was peeing myself and convinced that it was that I rushed to the bathroom. When I get there I saw blood coming down my legs. I say in the toilet and pee and saw more blood coming out. And then I felt that something tiny was passing down, I looked at the toilet and saw a ball. I knew it was the baby. That just lost it. And everything made sense. I wasn't in any pain. I turn on the shower to clean myself and I started to feel dizzy. I sat in the floor and screamed to my husband to wake him up. I told him what happened and asked him to bring me a drink. The sac with the baby and blood was still in the toilet. He saw it. I drink the soda he brought and take a quick shower. I cried a little and felt sad. I come back to bed. He wanted to go to the doctor, but I said there's no point on pay thousands to be told the same we can be told in our appointment. I have no pain, just very mild cramping, I still bleed some, and I hate to see that blood. I'm not going to try to have more kids. I'm 37 and I feel lucky to have 4 beautiful kids. I don't want to be pregnant again.

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